Catalina Deals At Kroger ~ Thanks Readers!

Both Kari and Crystal send great emails letting us know of catalina's at stores!
This deal is at Kroger from Kari P!

"If you buy 3 purex at $1.19 each (with coupon) you will get a $5 catalina and if you buy 6 grands at .55 each (with 3 coupons) you will get a $4 catalina at the register. But WAIT don't go get your Grands at the store until you go at register at the boxtops site for bonus boxtops.  It's a little confusing, but if you do it you will get bonus boxtops printed out when you check out.  Also, the General Mills cereal is on sale (not the greatest price even with coupon but...) if you buy 2 specially marked boxes (and there are many of them) you get a free movie theatre ticket, which totally justifies the little bit higher price.  Plus, if you go to the boxtops site you can get the bonus boxtops from this purchase, also.  Anyway, I walked out of Kroger tonight with 6 Purex, 12 Grands, 2 Tennessee Pride sausages, and 2 Double stuffed Oreos, having paid $11 and I still have $9 off on my next purchase!"

This catalina deal is from Crystal A. at Kroger!

"Kroger has Chef Boyardee for $.70 each when you buy 10, there were coupons, sorry I dont know where from, but they were for $1 off of 5, bringing them down to $.50 a can, I bought 25 cans, used 5 coupons & paid $12.50."


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Tracy said...

I bought 3 Purex and did not get a catalina, but I am in a different area.