Diapers for $3.70 a bag! Diapers.com!

I have never ordered diapers online. But I am tempted to try it because it is a good deal! I would suggest buying the Luvs for $6.99 a pack ( they are the cheapest) and adding a cheap pack of wipes.
Deal Idea: Buy 7 packs of Luvs at $6.99 + 1 Pack of Pampers travel wipes at $1.99 = $50.92. Shipping is FREE on orders over $50. So you would be getting diapers for $3.70 a pack after rebate!
This offer is good for new customers only, but if you need diapers, it can be a sweet deal!
Right now you can get $10 off your $49 Diapers or Formula purchase at Diapers.com when you use the code:  AFF10 at checkout!
But wait – there’s more!
Use this $14.97 rebate with any $15 Diapers.com purchase to make it a total of $24.97 off your order after discount code and rebate (note:  I know it looks like a free magazine subscription, but scroll down and you will see that you have the option of a $14.97 rebate instead of the magazine subscription) THanks Mindi!



Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you disclosed that by having people sign up at diapers.com using your referal code - that you get a whopping $10 credit for EACH person!

MyLitter said...

Anon- Um, actually I DONT. It would be nice if you knew what you were talking about before accusing me of something. I don't get ANYTHING from them and have never ordered from them myself.
Of course you signed in under Anon....

Electra said...

I worked this diaper deal with Pampers last week, because the Luvs were out of stock in any size close to my baby's. It shipped really fast! It's just too bad that they only seem to do good deals for first-time customers, but at least I got a great deal on five packs of diapers. =)