Free copy of Kamikaze Cleaning!

This will be me today! Kamikaze Cleaning at its best! I have the day off and will be getting ready for my daughters baptism tomorrow. Cooking for 30 people, cleaning, getting her program ready ( anyone play the piano??) and if I can fit it in tonight between baseball and softball practice I need to give everyone a haircut! I should have read this book months ago!
Kamikaze Cleaning is written for the homemaker whose home has gotten out of control. It is to the point where people are not allowed in. If your house is like that now or has rooms where you always close the door when someone comes over, this book can help you.
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Anonymous said...

This is so perfect for me right now because I am at that point of giving up. I dont' know where to start and was about to sign up for The Fly Lady again and give her system a try. Thanks!