Make the Walgreens Blink Tear Deal Even Sweeter!

Thanks to the Prudent Patron for an update of this already sweet deal! Walgreens has some of the Blink Gel Tears packaged B1G1 for $7.99! These double packs are printing the register reward, so you can get two packs instead of one and make $2.00!!! (Two packs of Blink pictured here.)
Blink Gel Tears $7.99 = $7.99RR

Use the $2/1 coupon from the 1/31 RP

There is also a $1.50/1 coupon 
here and $1.00 pealies on select boxes.

Final Cost FREE + a $2 moneymaker!



Mandy said...

So I just have to vent... :o). I live in a small town and we have a wags and way overpriced grocery store. So I needed about 6 papers this week bc I plan on stocking up on Ragu & Skippy at CVS. I also figure if i'm going to spend $9 on papers I might as well buy something with a RR so I can at least get something free :o)!!! Anyway... Off I went to my grocery store to get some cheap milk and pork chops for $0.99lb!!! So I grabbed one paper from there So I could get the $2 blink coupon. Then I left and went to Wags. It took me forever to find the eyedrops. Well I found the double pack and was quite excited. So I asked the cashier if that would work to get the reg reward, and she said she wasn't sure. So we tried it. And out of my excitement i forgot to use my $2 coupon. How did I forget within a 10 min span of just buying a paper at the grocery store JUST for that coupon!?!?! Haha... I didn't realize til I was walking out of Wags... I did just let it go. I save so much so $2 will be ok THIS time... haha I bet I don't forget anymore though. But I was able to get the double pack of blink tears, 5 newspapers, and some ajax dishsoap for around $8 and tax. So I think I did decent on that. I also went back that night to use my 5 Accucheck coupons. Ended up making $25 in RR for spending $0.75 in cash and I also donated $5 to Haiti. So yesterday turned out to be pretty good!! Sorry to vent. Everytime I see those blink tears it makes me think of my trip!! :) Also have you tried these?? I made my hubby try them last night so he could tell me if he liked them. That way I know if I need to go get more or just resist the sale. He said his eyes felt GREAT but he also felt like he was underwater. I guess the gel is a lot thicker. He couldn't see right for about 10 mins. Thanks for listening :o)

MyLitter said...

Mandy, that is an awesome trip! I have some blink tears from CVS sale last month and haven't used them yet... I was wondering what they were like.