Menu Plan Monday

Last week's plan went really well. I found that my husband even looked to see what was on the plan and got dinner started one night. Brilliant! Anything in blue is a link to the recipe.

Dinner: Hamburgers found pre-made patties at Kroger for a steal!

Dinner: Tuesday nights are crazy for us, so I think I am going to have Breakfast for Dinner! Either Banana Pancakes or Cream of Wheat with toast and fruit. Either way the kids will love it!

Dinner: My cheapest meal ever only $.58 a person! Kroger mega event leftovers! Chili and salad!

Dinner: Pan Fried pork chops and asparagus. I have to use the chops up in the freezer, now I justhave to remember to pull them out!

Dinner: Pizza of course! Unless I find a great deal on something I can't pass up!

What are you having??


andrea said...

I have a bunch of those pillsbury pie crusts in the freezer that Kroger had on sale around Thanksgiving. Seriously need to use those up. We had cheeseburger pie one night and I guess we'll have to have chicken pot pie or whatever else I can figure out to do with them. Maybe quiche or something.

MyLitter said...

Send the recipe! I use them for quiche.

Ramsey said...

Tonight we're having Stuffed Blue Cheese Potatoes (Ourbestbites.com) and a big deli sandwich made on french bread.

Tuesday: Homemade Pizza (ourbestbites.com has the best pizza dough recipe ever!)

Wednesday: Chef Salad with leftovers from the deli sandwich

Thursday: Ben's birthday! He still hasn't told me what he wants but it will involve an ice cream cake

Friday: I'm thinking french dip sandwiches to use up the rest of the deli cheese from the big sandwich.

This totally has nothing to do with good deals, but I love having a plan! :)

Rita T. said...

Great menu plan. We make pizza religiously every Thursday night. The family would be upset if we ever replaced it with something else!