RUN to your CVS for Huggies wipes!!!

I am not even going to post a picture because I am trying to post this FAST!!!

If you have a CVS RUN RUN RUN, they have the large bag of Huggies wipes 219 count on sale (mismarked) at $2.50 a bag!! This is cheaper than Costco or Sams! They are normally $7.99.

You have to have the cashier scan your card. If you check the price at the red scanner it should say $7.99 or 2/$5 with card. If you have any $.50 huggies coupons or a $5/15 this is even a sweeter deal!

Let me know if you score any!!!!!



Shasta said...

The CVS at Grogans Mill, Rayford and Research Forest @Gosling are all out. I did find two pkg of 184 counts for 2.50 each

Katie said...

Yeehaw!! I fought our (not normal) snow storm to CVS to get this deal and scored 8 @ $2.50 each!! I am so excited...I have 2 babies still in diapers and this is the brand wipes I use. Thanks for letting us know about this awesome deal!

Pinch This, Stretch That! said...

Also, the big boxes of huggies are on sale for $19.99. I scanned my CVS card and got a $4.00 off coupon, used a $3.00 MQ coupon and got the diapers for $12.99.

TucksMommy said...

Scored some as well, hubby stopped at a 24 hour location on 1960 & 45 & bought 8 packs...there was more left also..

~Mo~ said...

I went to my cvs, and bought 6, there was more then 20 there, so I decided to go back probably about an hour later, and they were all gone! So I drove(well DH drove, cause I don't drive) to the other cvs and they had tons!!

~Mo~ said...

oh sorry Tiffany, forgot to say Thank You for posting this!!