Valentines Dinner 2010

We had our traditional Valentines Day dinner last night as Paul and I have plans tonight, by ourselves, no children. What will we have to talk about?? I should take some of those dating cards with me... you know that ones you look at when there is silence to start a conversation :) Just kidding, honey!

This is Paul's night, he does it all. He was thrilled about me taking pictures, I can tell you that :)
He decorated with streamers, candles and fake rose petals. 

We had sautéed asparagus, and mushrooms. Corn on the cob and garlic bread. 

The HUGE surprise this year??
Steak and Lobster?!
Oh my goodness! It was amazing!
He can grill anything and make it wonderful, but tonight the steak was out of this world, and for those who ate the Lobster said it was awesome! I tried a little. I have a few kids who LOVE seafood and they had some. He only got a few so we could all sample. 
It was unbelievably good!

My Mom and Dad came by for dinner, they heard Paul was grilling :)

The treat for dessert? 
Chocolate covered strawberries!
They were as big as this little boy's hands!

It was so much fun and so good! 
Thanks honey, for another fun Valentines Day!



oliv2b said...

That looks awesome! What a special tradition guys!

~Mo~ said...

Everything looks good! I've never tried lobster, my sister said it's delicious though. My tifani and I got our valentines last night. My husband took my niece(we took care of her for a few years, so she's like our daughter) fishing. She made it very clear that it was just her and his day. I didn't want go fishing anywayz!! Looks like you had a wonderful evening with your family, and I hope you have a wonderful evening tonight with your wonderful husband!!

kim said...


A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

I hate to one up ya' BUT my Valentine's Day was better than yours. I was up with two sick kids into the wee hours of the morning, spent the morning with a delirious 4 year old, a constipated 12 year old, and phlegmy 9 year old.

Dinner consisted of Tylenol, Ibuprophen, and easy chicken salad.

Very romantic. I win.