Catalina Offers and Issues!


There is nothing more frustrating than doing a deal and your Catalina does not print. When this happens you have a few things that you can do.

When a Catalina does not print, ask the cashier... or head over to Customer Service. Get a Manager if you need to. Don't be shy about it... Catalina's can be really high value after all!
~ I always double check with an add if possible that I was supposed to get one.

If they don't know or are less than helpful make a choice to either return the order completely (get your coupons back) or you can contact Catalina directly.

Catalina can be reached at 888-826-8766 and press 3. (Write this number in your phone book, trust me you'll need it one day.)

They can look up the transaction by receipt and clubcard number.

I have found the folks at Catalina to be really helpful, last time I had a problem the store was offline and they mailed me my Catalinas. 

~ What is a Catalina?
Catalina Category Marketing (CCM) rewards purchases of promoted products with “catalinas”, also known as “check-out coupons”. These offer incentives good on your next shopping trip to that retailer. There is usually a 4-week window on any given program/incentive promotion.

Ever wonder what Catalina deals are coming up?

Here are just a few!

Purchase 3-4 (three or four) Kellogg’s Cereals (10oz+), Receive Catalina goof for one (1) Free Gallon of Milk
Purchase 5-6 (five or six) Kellogg’s Cereals (10oz+), Receive Catalina goof for two (2) Free Gallons of Milk
Purchase 7+ (seven or more) Kellogg’s Cereals (10oz+), Receive Catalina good for three (3) Free Gallons of Milk
runs 3/19 – 4/10/10

Purchase two (2) Oscar Mayer Bacon, Receive $1 OYNO
Purchase three (3) Oscar Mayer Bacon, Receive $2 OYNO
Purchase four or more (4+) Oscar Mayer Bacon, Receive $3 OYNO
ends 3/21/10

** It is up to your store to pick up the deals from the Catalina company, these are the deals that they are offering. 


Becky said...

I just had this happen at two stores yesterday! At Weis they checked out cereal at a different register and then gave me the Catalina's I did two cereal deals! At Giant I went to CS and they handed me $2 for the Promise deal buy 3 get $2.

Joy said...

I've had this happen twice at Kroger recently. After verifying with the cashier that they didn't print, I immediately went to Customer Service. The manager just ended up giving me cash since the coupon didn't spit out.
It is frustrating.
The younger cashiers think your crazy for making a big deal out of it. They just don't understand.