Coupon inserts this week!

This week you can expect 3 inserts!! Wooo Hooo, grab a bunch of papers! I already have mine ( thanks Suzanne) and the coupons look good and the inserts are big! Look for the Smart Source, The Red Plum and The P&G Saver.


Courtney said...

No P&G this week.

2 SS
1 RP

Margie said...

Phew...I thought I was going crazy when I didn't get a P&G. Well, that makes me feel better, at least I know I didn't lose it!

MyLitter said...

No, that was me loosing my mind... I saw 3 inserts so I assumed the 3rd was the P&G without paying attention!

Courtney said...

Next Sunday we are getting a P&G :D