Food Storage Friday ~ What I Store In My Garage...

A friend of mine asked me to post what I store in my garage. I am NOT an expert on this at all, it is mostly trial and error. Who knew deoderant would melt?? Well, I do now! It was also nicely pointed out to me by a friend that I was killing my batteries by keeping them in the hot garage. Honestly, I had forgotten my basic 11th grade science class about how batteries work and that I really needed to keep them in the cold if possible.

Also, there is the issue of the cement, the chemiclas from it will leach into your food products so you have to store everything up off the ground. This also goes for anything you are storing water/liquid in. Do not store your food or other products near gasoline, insecticides or other chemicals. The plastic that these chemicals are stored in is porous and can leach into your food. These items should be in a separate cabinet on the other side of the garage.

Most people have the same problems with garage storage. Either your summers are too hot or the winters are too cold. I am not sure there is a perfect climate for all year long non-climate controlled garage storage.

These are the things that I store in my garage:
Laundry Products
Cleaning Supplies
Liquid Hand Soap
Shampoo and Conditioner
Paper Products
Air Fresheners
Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
Body Wash

Things that I don't store in the garage anymore or never have...
Lotion ( it all separates in the heat, even shaking it something happens to it!)
Diaper's ( they smell milldewy to me... call me crazy!)
Candles (obvously these melt!)
Make Up (I never kept this in the garage, but the heat will ruin it)
Food, canned or boxed

Although I do not keep food in my garage out in the open, I do have a refridgerator and chest freezer in my garage.

What do you keep in your garage?



The Prudent Patron said...

I learned something new today. I had no idea deodorant can melt!

Margie said...

I would LOVE a garage! :)

Kati2010 said...

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M said...

These are such great posts! Previous owners of my home had converted the stand-alone garage to a studio apartment, so we have lots of storage space. I'm still trying to figure out the best ways to organize it all though!

FYI - I just got 30 swag for searching for your blog! Yay!!

LAURA said...

I love, love, love seeing pictures of stockpiles. I would love to see your food stockpile!! With 6 kids plus 1 to-be, I know you'll have a huge one!! I enjoy your blog so much!! It is one I never skip reading!!

Robyn said...

love it! this makes me want to see MORE pictures!

Kristen said...

I had no idea deodorant could melt! I'll bet that was a crazy mess! I just have a large standing deep freeze in our garage...but I am lucky enough to have a cold storage room in my basement that we have turned into a food storage. It's SO fun (and slightly nerdy) to fill mine up like my own mini store. :)

123 checkoutourfamily said...

what about feminine products? Do you think they'd work in the garage?

MyLitter said...

123, that is a great question. You probably could, the only thing I would worry about might be mice....