Giveaway Winner's for the Kroger Cards!

I LOVED reading all your comments. I can't believe how many of you live in Houston, we should all take the kiddo's to the zoo sometime!
The winners of the Kroger gift cards, as chosen by chubby little hands are...

Sunshine of Autum Quilts
we just got off our Spring Break, we did not go anywhere, but stayed home and worked in the house. My two boys changed bedrooms- I redid both and worked on some furniture remodeling for my oldests room, which came out wonderful. My husband and I continued to work on a spare room that will be our storage pantry for stockpiling. It is getting closer but probably have a couple more weekends before it is all done.- Great giveaway

Well, my kids are 3, 1 and 3 months...so I don't really get a spring break yet:-( But I hope to see a few of my teacher friends who will have the week off.
PS...if I win the gift card I'll be giving it to a friend who's husband is in school full time and she's a stay at home mom. She could use the extra $25 for groceries.

Congratulations Ladies! Shoot me an email with your snail mail address so I can get these to you!


Michele said...

Oh my goodness!!! Thank you Thank you! I am ready to cry. I'm so excited to bless my friend this gift card...well, actually YOU'LL be blessing her!

Tiffany said...

Yea!! I am so glad you won!