**HOT** Deal on storage shelving!! 25% off + an additional 15%!!!

O.K. I am absolutly FREAKING out abou this deal!!
I have wanted a set of this shelving system for YEARS!! They previously had only sold them at Costco, now you are able to buy them from the company!

I have been saving up to buy a scratch and dent set for a while. I am soooo glad I waited!
From now until March 13th, not only can you get the MOTHER of all storage shelves for a killer 25% off, but as a MyLitter reader, you can get an additional 15% off... bringing the price down to $293.25!! Lower than the scratch and dent price, lower then you can find on ebay and lower than I have ever seen anywhere!
Photo Credit: Utah Preppers

They have tons of different sizes, at all different prices. 

This one is more narrow for a smaller space, I am going to actually get 2 different sizes and am getting the ones that I can get 25% off + the additional 15% off!

There are even different sizes of this kind, they fit right into your pantry or cupboard, this one holds 60 CANS!!! It is only $40.16 with the discount!!

If you have never seen these I am so sorry! You drop a can in and it rolls to the back, this helps me tremendously with rotation and just plain being able to see what I have. Each section is adjustable, so you can slide the sections to fit any size can, like the thin tuna and chicken cans to the huge #10 cans!

"Food storage management has never been easier thanks to the Harvest 72". Featuring patented front-loading technology that automatically rotates cans on a first in first out basis, the Harvest 72" is the largest, most popular food rotation system offered by Shelf Reliance. This FRS is easy to adjust for different can sizes and boasts the capacity to hold 460 cans. With its easy-fit design and unique features, the Harvest 72" makes food storage management a breeze."

I know, I am seriously pathetic that I get this excited about storage, but honestly I am that big of a geek! Any help I can get with organization and storage I am all over it. I am not kidding when I say I have wanted a set for about 12 years, when I first saw one at a Costco....
If you are interested in a set, food storage or even a smaller design email me ( mylitter@mac.com)  so I can get you the coupon code!

** Update - This is what I had to do, I signed up to be a consultant, so that as a reader you can ALWAYS get 15% off ANYTHING... But, what makes this an awesome deal is that not only will you get the 15% off, but until Saturday you also get the additional 25% off! 


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Robyn said...

I have a plethora of the white "cansolidator" ones and i love them so much! my selves hold about 3x as much as before when i was stacking cans ontop of each other!