I saved the day with my phone!

I am still learning my new phone. At my advanced age it is all I can do to do it on my own and not have a pre-teen help me. But, honestly it has been very user friendly.

I got to help my very first stranger the other day. I was in Party City and a group of men walked in asking for directions to the nearest Kroger. Are you kidding me? I know where every Kroger within 50 miles is from here. So I thought...
These guys were looking for a new Kroger that they were meeting the new general manager at. I whipped out my phone, and googled it. Google maps found it right away, I showed them where to go and tried to figure out how to tag along! The little early 20's cashier was also super impressed, and I didn't even need her help working my phone!!

The Fine Print: Verizon provided me with the Palm Pre and a month of service. These opinions are my own.


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