KIX coupon! Print Quick!

Wow, wow, I have not seen a KIX coupon in ages!!
Print these fast! HERE!
Then use them today or this week at Safeway/Randalls to take advantage of the deal!



snbjork said...

The bricks.com coupons never print for me. I've tried all the things they tell you to do, but they still won't print. It's so frustrating! I don't know if it's because I have a Mac or what?!

snbjork said...

P.S. Will you please bring me one of those Muffellatta sandwiches? That sounds really good right now. I'm in Alabama. Not too bad a commute for you. =)

susanmw1 said...

try throwing away your coupon printing software and reinstalling it. I couldn't print coupons for the longest time. I also have a mac, but putting a new copy of the coupon printer did the trick. Also, I can't remember where I read this post (I think it was here at my litter) if you use safari make sure in the code of the http address there is an xs. I copied the address from the Kix coupon print, see after the second = the xs. That should do the trick


MyLitter said...

Yes, yes, thank you susan, that is exactly what I would have said! bjork, email me if you are still having trouble and I can help! I am on a mac also!