Menu Plan Monday

I am telling you, spring sports season always kills us on meal plans. Especially because we have had so much rain, the kids games and practices have been rescheduled so many times and at the last minute that we are all over the place at dinner time. I think we have had sandwiches more this spring than the entire rest of the year combined!

Friday I made a HUGE batch of homemade granola and threw in everything but the kitchen sink as far as freeze dried fruits and nuts. I have been eating that almost 2-3 times a day since. It is so easy to make and so good! You can see the recipe HERE. I more than tripled it.

Monday Dinner:
Pork Chops, salad and fruit.

Tuesday Dinner: (girls have games... boys have scouts)
Something quick, I am thinking Harvest soup with Rhodes rolls.

Wednesday: (again, baseball and softball)
Taco TVP's (husband's speciality) and fruit.

Thursday Dinner: (son headed out for scout camping, girls games)
Pizza, I am switching, we usually have it on Friday's but it's my sons favorite and he won't be here Friday! Also, I am craving fruit like a mad woman so I am sure we will have a fruit salad also!

Friday Dinner: 
I am going to see what you guys are having and go from there!

What are you having this week?


M and W said...

I'm going to make fried rice tonight and maybe on Wednesday stuffed bell peppers.

oliv2b said...

Monday: soup and sandwiches.
Tuesday: crockpot swiss steak
Wednesday: Chicken Chassiur Yummy!!(it's something I make about twice a month. It's a favorite I have had since a little girl)
If anyone wants the recipe I would to share it.
Thursday: pita pizzas
Friday: beef tacos