Palm Pre and the Elizabethan Insult Generator

Since we were talking about apps, or I guess I was boring you with that one... My Husband has a new favorite app. Both of us have the new Palm Pre Plus, Paul has gone a little app crazy.
 I shared the story of the very useful GPS app on our trip. This one is on the other end of the spectrum, that is of course unless you get trapped in a tractor beam at a Renaissance Festival. 
The app you ask? The “Elizabethan Insult Generator”. Oh yes, it does exist. Have you ever been walking down the street and had this directed at you? “ Thou be an errant bat-fowling fustilarian” and been stumped? You were just called an aimless, bird catching scoundrel. Who knew?
 Have you been driving down the street minding your own business and heard “Thou art a jarring unchin-snouted flirt-gill? You have just been told that you are a  truly rasping, urchin- beaked loose woman. Worry no more, if you are ever stuck in that tractor beam not only will you be able to translate the insult, you can let one fly back at them! Don't think we haven't been taking advantage of this one. What else is there to do when you have 6 kids, one on the way and your wife gets rid of the cable.... torture her, of course!
P.S. Thank you for all the concerned emails about the Chippendale Dancer of the month app that he (my caring husband) downloaded on my phone. Yes, I had to take my phone into the Verizon store and have the nice young man at the counter remove it from my phone. Yes, I drug all 6 kids in with me when I did it and my VERY pregnant self. I was waiting for the Verizon guy to ask me the standard, "you know how this happens right?" pointing at the kids, but he didn't... then again, he was REMOVING a Chippendale Dancer of the month app from my phone. No comments were needed.

The Fine Print: Verizon provided me with my Palm Pre and one month of service. 


Sylvia said...

Haahaa good one, Tiffany {Paul, wink...smile}.

Is Verizon the best cell phone deal around?

Tiffany said...

Sylvia.... I am not sure, I believe that every cell phone company is out there only to screw the customers! It is OUTRAGEOUS what they charge for everything... We just have had them for 10 years now and so does everyone in the family so we stay.