Palm Pre meets Go Diego Go!

As you guys know I have been doing a review for the fabulous new Palm Pre Plus phones from Verizon. I wanted to share a use that is new to me, maybe you’ve tried it. In Houston we have the best Rodeo in the world that brings in performers like Brooks N Dunn all the way to the Black Eyed Peas. This year’s hottest ticket was the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. 
Everyone in the world wanted to go to that concert, right? Wrong! The two year old that had been at the rodeo all day was finished. 
Done. Ready to go. Baked. 
The group of 10 year olds in front of us thought they had lungs, they then learned who the king of scream was. We were in the nose bleeds and I swear I heard Joe say, “Is everyone okay up there?” There was no way we were leaving the concert we had just gotten over the altitude sickness but were still a little light headed, we were in a quandary. 
Then my husband who also has the Palm Pre Plus, had a rare but timely stroke of genius. He opened up the web browser, busted out the head phones, went to YouTube and calmed “Chucky” down with some “Go Diego Go”. The screen has a really great quality on these phones and a disaster was averted. 
Anyone else have a screaming baby story to share?
The fine print: Verizon provided me withe the Palm Pre and a month of service to preview, and I am LOVING it!


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