Palm Pre wrap up!

So I have had my phone for a month now and I can say that I have had a really good chance to try it out. I took it camping, to the rodeo, all over Houston and shopping almost every day. I really LOVE it.

I was going to drop the data package after this month and of course I am now so completely hooked that I can't possibly live without it. I really can't tell you the number of times I was in a store, had forgotten a deal, and pulled it up on my phone. I am convinced that although I have to pay the extra every month that for the convinced and the money that I saved being able to find a deal last minute that I really might come out ahead.

Actually, last night Paul went to Walgreens at midnight to make copies off a disk for our daughters Flat Stanley project, due of course today. The total was $10. 50 for the pictures, he quickly googled a coupon code and got them for $3.50. I was VERY impressed! Good Man.

I was also able to answer my email asap which was nice, I felt like during those times I am waiting in the car for the kids, and during baseball practice when I am just sitting there I felt so much more productive.

All in all it was a great experience I highly recommend this phone (in fact my husband got one a few weeks ago) it is easy to learn, very "cool" looking, and quick to use. I love the "mirror" on the back, whether it was meant to be there or not, I LOVE it.

Fine print: Verizon provided me a phone and 1 month of service for my review. These opinions are all mine and I could have said anything I wanted too!


Jenny said...

will verizon let you have this phone without a data plan/package? my husband and I have the pre from Spring but they require us to have a data package. pricey but convenient for sure! I just got a cute leather holder for it for my birthday yesterday, actually :)

Tiffany said...

Yes I think they will but you have to pay a $10 charge for NOT having it.... dumb huh!

THey get you no matter what!

Where did you get a holder? I have not seen many accessories for them and would like a cover etc.!