Recipe: Biscuits and Gravy * Super Easy*

A friend taught me this recipe many years ago and it is a staple for breakfast and dinner at our house! It is super easy and I always have everything on hand. 

I normally make my own biscuits but I have found this brand of frozen and I love them!

Fist brown a roll of sausage. We like maple flavor but you can use whatever you like. 

Break the pieces up into small chunks as it is cooking.

When brown, do not drain. Add about 5T of flour to coat the sausage.

Next, and I forget to take pictures, turn the heat to medium and add about 1 1/2 cups milk. Stir all together and cook for a few minutes. The flour is going to start thickening up into gravy. You are going to have to add more milk, a little at a time, to get the gravy to the consistency that you and your family like. In total I add about 2 1/4 cups milk but honestly every batch is different.

Bake up some really nice buttermilk biscuits, and you have a super simple yummy meal!

My kids will all eat about 2 biscuits and I am at the point of almost having to make 2 rolls of sausage!

Do you make biscuits and gravy? What is your recipe??



Emily Heizer Photography said...

CONFESSION: I've never even had one and I can't imagine what it tastes like- Hmmm! I'm curious!

Mandy said...

Yeah, I make them. And honestly I feel it takes me too long to cook them in the morning. Last time we just made patties out of sausage. I wanted to cook it up like you but my husband wanted patties. After I cook that I take about 4tbsp of grease, and then add 4tbsp of flour. I stir that together to cook out the flour taste. Then I usually set aside 4 cups of milk. I add milk slowly at first and stir fast then once I get it the way I want I add all but 1 cup or so. After that cooks and starts to thicken up I add the rest of my milk. I have no idea how long this takes me to do, I just kinda know when it's done. LoL!!! I'm not a huge cooker and I googled that recipe a couple years ago. But it works for us. But I would like to try it your way!!!

snbjork said...

Wow, I am suddenly very very hungry! The recipe I use is almost exactly the same. I've always removed the sausage from the pan before making the gravy (because that's what my recipe said to do). But, from now on I'll just leave it in there. That will make it even easier. Yum!

~Mo~ said...

mmm, this looks really good! when I was little my mom would make something similar with a not so nice name, made out of g.beef with white gravy and toast,rice, or potatoes

Joy said...

I make this too when I have company staying with us.
I usually buy an envelope of the country gravy packet to make the gravy. I make the gravy separate then add to the cooked sausage.
♥ Joy

amber rae said...

YUMMY!! My best friend showed me this exacy same way!! We make double for dinner and heat the leftovers for breakfast.

Dan said...

I make the sausage gravy almost the same way like you do, except that I remove the sausage from the pan. I also put about 1 tbsp of butter to the pan, as the sausage I like to use (Tennessee Pride brand) doesn't produce much grease, and then about 5 tbsp flour, and the same ratio of milk and water (1 cup milk, 1 cup water), and lots of black pepper.
We've had too much biscuit n gravy this past 2 weeks coz we have to use up those Pillsbury biscuit that we got free/very cheap from Kroger's deals, but it's sooo yummy...:)