Vacation, or Family Trip? Destin, Fl.

This past week was spring break for us. 
Surprise, surprise we thought we would go camping. Always sounds like a good idea doesn't it?

With almost 30 hours in the car my husband and I had a chance to have a lot of "discussions". 
We decided there was a difference between a  "family trip" and a "vacation".

By all means, this was a family trip!
Let me point out some differences....

Family Trip: Suburban pulling a trailer of camping gear and bikes. 
Vacation: Car taking you to the airport.

Cue the banjo music!

Family Trip: Posing in front of a giant fake shark.
Vacation: Chartered fishing trip to actually catch something (other than the TICK that got me!!!)

Family Trip: Lugging beach gear down .7 miles to the beach.
Vacation: Walking out french door onto the beach!

Ummm.... I have no idea what this child was doing...

Family Trip: Eating lunch your Mother made on the beach AND LIKING IT!
Vacation: Cabana's on the beach to fix you whatever you want.

Family Trip: Throwing sand at your sister!
Vacation: Throwing sand at your sister, it never gets old does it?!

Family Trip: Sleeping in a lawn chair.
Vacation: Sleeping in some beautiful hammock somewhere.

Family Trip: Dozing on the beach, waking up to a fish head your son left in your face on his smelly hat. 
Vacation: Dozing on the beach, waking up to a Pina Colada! 

Traveling with kids tip #3,458
Buy a bunch a Starburst candy, give one to the 2 year old UNOPENED, this will keep him busy for hours!

Family Trip: If it rains, take the kids to the Navel Museum, it's free!
Vacation: Spend a bunch of money to entertain the kids at the mall.

Family Trip: Stop in New Orleans on the way home, prolonging the trip by 5 hours and ensuring that you get home at 2am! (But had really good food!)
Vacation: Flight gets in on time, you are in bed at a reasonable hour.

Family Trip: Get entertained by a guy, trying to look like a statue, all painted in gold. 
Vacation: Hang out with people all decked out in gold!

You know what?
We both decided we would take a family trip any day of the week!

Did I mention that I had a tick??



andrea said...

Loved the fish head. I could totally see one of my boys doing that to one of their sisters.

oliv2b said...

Besides the tick, your "family trip" looked awesome! Love the pic of Rush opening his candy. :) Your family is awesome Tiffany!

M and W said...

That looked like a fun trip! I have such cute nieces and nephews!

Riahli said...

You are seriously the best at family trips, from the packing to the various ideas to entertain littles in the car, all of it, I've been storing away your bits of knowledge for a while now...so that when I get brave enough I'll take mine on an awesome family trip of our own. :)

Holly said...

I don't know how you do it. The thought of taking a family vacation makes me nauseas! I admire you for making these memories with your kids. BTW, do you camp in a tent?

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

I need a vacation.

Laura said...

Man, do I miss Destin!!! We just moved from Florida to New Mexico about 2 months ago. Your pictures made me almost cry. My husband sure is missing Bass Pro Shop!! ;)Glad you guys had fun!

Tracy said...

This is one of my favorite posts.

.:Anna:. said...

I wanna throw sand at the 4 year old, too!