Walgreens trip this morning. $9.30 for Everything!

It's Monday again, so I have to kill time while the girls are in ballet, so I wander around Walgreens!

I did pretty good, $9.30 for EVERYTHING!

Transaction #1
6 Purex $5.99 B1G1 Free
3 Reach Toothbrushes $1.79
4 Right Guard Deodorant $3.19 B1G1 Free
Coupons Used:
3 Purex B1G1 Free from last weeks paper.
3 Reach coupons $.75 off from 2/21 RP and Walgreens Weekly Coupon
2 Right Guard $2/2 coupons from HERE

Total after coupons:

Transaction #2
6 Boxes Kleenex $2.19 B1G1 Free
Coupons Used:
2 $.50/3 coupon HERE

Total After Coupons:
$6.03 + got back $3 RR

Transaction #3
Brush $2.99 ( My girls needed this!)
Pencil $.17 ( filler item)
Coupons Used:
$3.00 RR from Previous Purchase



~Mo~ said...

great deals! I really need to work on separating my orders to use my RR more wisely. I usually just tend to purchase all my deals at once.

Camille said...

I just got back from my Wags.. I tried the B1G1 Purex and use my coupon and they looked at me like I was nuts! The check-out person called the manager and she said no, you can't do that!.. they were shocked that I was getting 2 for free -she said "you can't get 2 for free". My face got really red from embarrassment (there were 2 people behind me) and I just said ok, and I let her finish ringing me up..I know they will get paid back, but I didn't know really how to say something (I guess I was just embarrassed) How do you handle a situation like that? This Wags is right next to my office and I go in there all the time... Thanks!

MyLitter said...

Honestly that I why I hate walgreens. were you just checking out with only that, I always buy something else if I know my total will be $0.
Could they even tell you why they can't take the coupon?
I went 2 two different Walgreens today and a 3rd time with a friend and had no problem at all. I would say go again, get 2 purex, plus something else, don't say a word and just hand them your coupons and check out and you should be fine. No one is loosing money and you are not doing anything wrong!

Camille said...

I actually purchased several items.. probably about 10 things total..and my OOP was almost $10. The checker didn't think about anything until she looked at the receipt to write on the amount for the B1G1 coupon..and then she said "you would get 2 for free then".. I said yes, I would. and then she said no, called the manager, and that's when they looked at me funny and I got really embarrassed... It seems their staff has a high turnover. I"ve never seen that manager before, so I can't find one employee that I can use to check me out all of time..

Angela said...

I don't think I am going to shop Walgreens anymore, I get so frustrated! I found band-aids on clearance and she wouldn't use my dollar off coupon because the value after the coupon from the children's activty book brought the total to 64 cents. I asked, can't you adjust the coupon down? and she looked at me like I'm crazy. She made it seem like 64 cents should have been enough. They do adjust down don't they? or is it up to each store what to do? Thanks

ByGraceIStand said...

Gosh how I hate WAGS. When I went in they were all sold out. Then I made sure to know when the truck was coming so I could get in on this great deal. The manager told me I'd have to buy two to be able to get two for free. I tried to explain to them that they got paid back and all they said was this was a corporte policy now. Maybe theyll get clued in that customer service could HELP them, not hurt them.