Costco: Shopping without a membership!

Julia sent this great post she wrote about shopping at Costco without a membership. I thought it might be of interest to many of you. My Costco is pretty far away and I might only get out there once a year. So I have no reason for a membership. Plus, I have dropped my Sam's membership because I can do MUCH better couponing than the deals I get there. BUT, I do like the merchandise at Costco and it is fun to go. SO I am going to have to try Julia's advice and give it a try!

I had heard this from many people so I decided to go into Costco yesterday to verify it, sure enough it’s true! I asked at the customer service desk if this was true and the lady said absolutely and began to tell me the ins & outs. It was verified by several people behind the counter as she asked them for a few specific details.

Here is how you do it:

Purchase a Costco Cash Card (gift card) at the Customer Service desk, must be a minimum of $10.00. Use that gift card as your “member’s card” to get into the store. Shop as you normally would. When you go to pay, you pay first with your gift card but any remaining balance must be paid with cash or debit (no American Express). That’s it! You’ve just shopped at Costco for free and saved the $50 a year membership fees. Of course you don’t get the Costco Member benefits, cheap gas, etc but your items are still protected under Costco’s very generous return policy.

Of course my latest experience at Costco was shocking. The prices most assuredly did NOT make great deals. There were a few excepti0ns but for the most part shopping the sales with coupons and stocking up when the prices are rock bottom was a far better deal. Just remember Bulk is NOT always Better. I realize America has become ingrained in that myth, but it’s not true.

UPDATE: I’ve learned that you CAN buy gas with a cash card and you can also purchase liquor and use the pharmacy to fill prescriptions, all without a membership! We will absolutely be buying gas there again!



Katie : ) said...

Thank You for this Great post!! My Costco membership ran out and it's not worth it for me to renew it- but I miss some of their great products. Like the spiral ham- it is sooo yummy! I am so excited to be able to shop there again- Thanks!

Robyn said...

we used to be HUGE costco shoppers...haven't been there in months and went a couple weeks ago and was really disappointed nothing appealed to me after couponing!