CVS Free items this week!

1. Halle new perfume, get $5 ECB. Well, you can get the little bottle or spray for only $4.99! But, they are hard to find, here are what a few people have said about where theirs were located.
"in my store they were on a hangtag on the top shelf of the skin care aisle. They were not near the perfume display case."

"In my store they were on a shelf on the wall with the fragrance products at the front of the store, in a cardboard display. They were priced at $4.99. It is a small, cylinder shaped spray bottle."

2. CVS Green Bag Tag, get $.99 ECB, they only cost $.99 so basically free after ECB. These tags are up by the register. If you bring a reusable bag into CVS for your purchase and scan this tag for every 4 scans you get a $1 ECB, like free money!

3. Thermacare neck to arm heatwrap get $2.49 ECB LIMIT 2! The 1ct. of these, if you can find them, are only $2.49 so free after ECB's!

Remember, always ask for a raincheck if you do not find what you are looking for. Then check back next week!

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