Founders Day Sale on Shelving

Earlier last month I had found some great deals on shelving, since then I have fallen in love with these products from Shelf Reliance. I decided to become a consultant after seeing the HUGE discounts that I would be able to offer my readers and for myself. You can read my story HERE, I don't want to go into that all here.

I don't have much extra time so my time is valuable, as I am sure all of yours is as well. So I pick and choose carefully what I want to be involved in. Every now and then I will post for you the best deals that I can get my readers on these products. Not the everyday prices but things that are really worth while. As it takes quite a sale to get me excited about anything :)

Through Sunday the 11th Shelf Reliance is having their "Founders Day Sale" the prices will be BETTER on certain pieces of shelving then even at what I can get them at a Party price. These are the best deals:

The HUGE Harvest 72" Holds 460 cans!
Retail: $459
This Week: $288 + FREE Shipping

The Plenty 51" Holds 350 cans!

Retail: $299

Sale: $218 + FREE Shipping! The 40 can Cansolidator, holds 40 cans!

Retail: $44.99

Sale: $21.49

My Mother has these in her pantry to see her before and after pictures click HERE!

** Fixed that link, it should work now!
If you are interested in anything and want to order this is what to do to get these prices:

1. Click the links or go to http://www.shelfreliance.com/ and shop around.

2. Email me and let me know that you are ready to order (mylitter@mac.com) I will create an account for you and add you into a party for April, this will give you the best pricing. I will email you a login and password. I do this aas soon as you email me, I am pretty quick :)

3. Once you login, add what you would like to your cart and you will see the lower price reflected. All orders over $199 get free shipping this week. Although, shipping is NEVER more than $15.99 ever on any order! Email me with any questions!



Jennifer said...

Hey there! The link for the picture of your mom's pantry didn't work? Is there another link you can post? I'd love to see them in use. I still have mine in the boxes and am planning on putting them together this weekend. It's been crazy here with school and such. Thanks for sharing! I so wish I had the room for the big organizer! :)

Tiffany said...

THanks for letting me know, i fixed it!