Fraudulent Coupon Notice!

Many coupons float around the internet and get printed off innocently that are fraudulent. This is an example of the latest one this week. Sad to say it is a fake coupon and is NOT ok to use. Fabulessly Frugal did a great job explaining it all in the post below! (Thanks A Thrifty Mom!)

Check out this list here to see coupons that are FRAUDULENT, so you can be a wise couponer!


Coupon Fraud is punishable by law: prison terms have been served for 3-5 years with fines averaging $200,000.

The Store Does Not Get Paid: The store will not be reimbursed for a fraudulant coupons and they end up losing money.

Poor Coupon Ethics Ruins Couponing for EVERYONE.

If you suspect a fraudulant coupon you can report it here.


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