HEB Earth Day 1 day Giveaway!

HEB contacted me and offered to give 3 of my readers a reusable tote in honor of Earth Day! They have some really great tips below that we easily forget to do!

**Leave a comment below and Thursday night the kids will pick 3 winners, HEB will mail you your bag!

A few quick and easy tips to make every day Earth Day.

1. Turn off your lights, television, and radio when you leave the house to save electricity.

2. Wash your clothes in cold water instead of warm or hot.

3. Fix leaky faucets—they can waste thousands of gallons of water per year.

4. Remember to turn off your computer, printer, and other equipment when it’s not being used.

5. Bring any unused plastic bags back to your local H-E-B to be recycled.

6. Don’t let the water run while you brush your teeth. Simply wet the brush and use a pre-filled cup to rinse.

7. Try to carpool to work. Many workplaces have a carpooling program.

8. Change your home air-conditioning filter every month to keep things running efficiently.

9. Remember to check your tire pressure regularly. If you keep your tires properly inflated you can increase your miles per gallon and extend the life of your tires.

10. When grocery shopping, bring your own reusable bags to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags used.



*Heather* said...

Pick Me! Pick Me! I'd love to go GREEN!
Heather D.

Anonymous said...

We line-dry our clothes whenever possible. I actually love doing it. It relaxes me and gives me a few moments of peace each day. Kari

Heather said...

Every Sunday, we drive 20 miles to the nearest city and dump our recycling because our small town doesn't have a center. And we might look through the newspapers for extra inserts, and grab plastic laundry soap bottles for our homemade laundry detergent.
Heather H.

Dustin and Kelsey said...

pick me!

D said...

I actually miss having a clothes line, though as a kid I was often annoyed to be pulled away from whatever I was doing to help with laundry. We're considering putting one in here, but the compost pile and garden come first. :)

Anonymous said...

I could definitely use some more bags! bonmark@sbcglobal.net

Jill said...

I love using reusable bags.

Therese said...

Every day is Earth Day around our house! I would love to win a FREE shopping bag!

Jessipie12 said...

I LOVE useing my reuseable bags! They also make a good gift bag instead of buying a gift bag that they might throw away!!! I would love another bag!!! :o)

Heather said...

I use "green" bags for everything.


Amy said...

Reusables are my first step toward being green!

Sheri said...

Those are great tips. Hopefully, I will win this. I need to start using these bags! Happy earth day!

alli said...

You can't have too many of these bags, right?

lynn said...

I love HEB and these are great tips. We started using reusable shopping bags last year. Thanks for the chance to win.

lynnx512 at gmail do com

123 checkoutourfamily said...

WE didn't use to recycle but now we do and I'm a natzi about it..hahaha...we recycle our plastic bags and have started to use the reusable bags too.

littletex55@hotmail dot com