How to save on ink!

If you have not seen this article it is really interesting, it is about how to save on ink. I caught it today on Yahoo.
Did you know that printing your documents in Century Gothic instead of Ariel will save you more than 30% more ink?! Infact a school district in Milwaukee switched fonts and they estimate that it will save them $10,000 this year alone! Certain fonts are "skinnier" and take less ink to print. But, most people use the thicker fonts because they are easier to read, like Ariel and Times New Roman. So next time you have a bunch of pages to print you might want to change the font to save ink! Too bad we can't change the font and borders on coupons, it would save a ton of ink!
Do you have other ways to save on ink?


Linz said...

We invested on a color laser printer this Christmas. It was $250 on sale with a bonus duplexer (prints front and back, saving paper) The cartridge prints 20,000 pages in B&W and 10,000 in color before the toner needs to be replaced (I found a cheaper place for toner so it should cost around $60 to replace the color and black toner cartridges when the time comes).
The prints are great and it's fun printing out my coupons in color and not worrying about my children spilling anything and ruining them.

MUCH cheaper than replacing my ink jet cartridges once a month!

Missy said...

You can set your printer from text to draft for papers that you don't need a dark print for.

Michele said...

Wow!!!! A color laser printer is that cheap? And, the toner is that cheap too? I'm seriously going to talk to my hubby and start saving! My cartridges are so expensive...it's ridiculous! Thanks for the info.

And...Tiffany, thanks for the info on the fonts. I saw the article title, but didn't read it. I'll have to now.

andrea said...

You could try looking on Amazon for ink, too. Depending on your printer type, you might be able to save a bundle. We have a Brother mfc 240-c and can get ink SUPER cheap for it. (Our other printer, however, is a different type and the ink isn't much cheaper than in the stores). It doesn't hurt to look.

D said...

I changed the default for my printer to "draft" or "quick print." The coupons don't need to be printed at full quality to go through, and it uses a LOT less ink. Most of the time I don't even notice the difference. (As in, there is a big difference, but if I don't put a draft printed document next to a regular-printed document, I don't notice.)

As a bonus, my printer is faster that way, too. ;)

Sunnya said...

I have an inherited printer that my father purchased because he could get inexpensive ink online. I found a better deal for it on ebay, I can get it for about $3 a cartridge. Staples will give you $3 in rewards for every cartridge you bring in to be recycled, limit 10 a month, so my ink is now free! I'm going to use the rewards to purchase the frequent $1 paper deals after rebate. It makes all my coupon printing very, very cheap.