Reader Spotlight of the Week!

My reader spotlight this week is on Jessica S. she is from TX and is an old friend! She has helped so many of her friends and co-workers become better couponers and save money!

This is her awesome trip to Walmart this week!

Total before coupons $22.12

After coupons: $1.51
All of this below for only $1.51! Amazing, great job Jessica.


Veescorp said...

What can I expect when using coupons that are a higher $ amount than the product at Walmart? (the sponges for example.) I have heard that if you use the self check out that you get an error message.


Anonymous said...

Can she do a scenario with the coupons she used for each item? I would love to copy. Thank you for your time.

Tiffany said...

I would avoid the self checkout with coupons, I can only see having problems.

Some coupons wil allow you to have overage, some don't. They also have the ability to adjust the coupn to the price.