Reminder, what is all the stuff on the sidebar??

This link at the top is really handy. The Coupon Database is a place that you can go and type in a item that you are looking for or to buy and it will tell you where you can find a coupon for it if there are any! If it is a printable coupon you will see a blue link to that coupon location. Not all coupons you find in there are printables though. If you see a date and a RP, SS or P&G those are the coupon inserts that it can be found along with the date that it was in the Sunday paper.

Here is a shameless promotion button :) You can copy and paste the HTML under this picture if you want to put my button on your blog. As if you want to see more of me!

This is further down on the side bar. I was going to do a weekly radio show but only did a couple. I have more planned :) It was really fun and I think they are very informative to listen to. Just click on the play button to listen!

This button has darling short videos and cute stories directed at things that face women every day. Every now and then they have special offers available and it is always changing. Yes, when you click on it I do get a few pennies, it is an add, but a good one :)

The long "skyscraper" pictures are adds that I have, the Coupons.com one is a great resource for printing internet coupons. They are always changing and updating the coupons, it is good to check it every few days. I do get some benefit's from people clicking on the adds. Sometimes it is money or others are gift cards, it isn't enough for me to quit my day job though :( But it pays for me to update my blog with a great designer every now and then!

The pictures of the kids are there because I love to see their faces every day! Thanks for reading this far, I just wanted to make sure you knew what all the clutter was on the side and that if you were looking for something it might make it easier to find!

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