Walgreens: Money Maker on Hallmark cards!


If you are planing a trip to Walgreens, make sure to check out this deal! When you buy 8 Hallmark cards you get a $5 RR, or when you buy 4 you get a $2 RR.

This is the cool part... the kids Hallmark cards are part if the deal and they are only $.49!

So buy 8 KIDS Hallmark cards and pay $3.92 and get back $5!

I usually get my cards at the $1 store, but as long as I will be in Walgreens I will pick some up!



Dennis and Kim said...

On the coupon it specifies that the card has to have a value of $1.50, right? So, how is this deal working?? Thanks.

Tiffany said...

It is the $.44 coupon that says for any card over $1.50.
The RR deal does not have this exclusion. They are different deals.

Amber said...

They do not have .49 cards at Walgreens. The cheapest they have is .99 :(

CCSS Math said...

I tried to do this deal today. ;-) I thought it was buy five cards not eight. Anyway I bought five $0.99 cards and I got a $2 RR. Not as good as the original deal but not bad. My store did not have any 0.49 cent cards.