What is with men?? + coupon :)

Last year the toy of choice for all the neighborhood men was the chain saw. No one would be out, but if any man started one up all the neighborhood guys would slowly put the remote down and wander outside. They would all stand around and watch the guy with the chain saw, wishing it was them, asking "do you need any help with that?"

This year the new coveted toy it the propane torch. Our neighbor has one and last week he was out killing his weeds with it. My husband was mesmerized. 

" I need one of those." He says.

" Good thing your birthday is only 50 weeks away." I tell him.

"Just think of how fast we could get the garden done and in...." Hmmmm tempting.

This Saturday we stopped by a friends house and wouldn't you know it, they had one also. Now my husband starts whining, "I am the only person who does not have one." 

** Let me remind you, he is a grown man and can go buy one for himself at ANY time.

Saturday afternoon we start putting in our garden, we had weeded it the week before but had to start almost all over again. My husband gladly volunteered to run to Home Depot for some supplies. Hours later I called to make sure he didn't get lost coming home...

"I am looking for a flame thrower, they are SOLD OUT everywhere!"

Poor guy. He had to settle for a cheap, no big flame knock-off version. It wasn't what he expected, but he and my 12 year old son spent the rest of the day killing weeds and harassing mounds of fire ants!

But, to top off an almost perfect weekend, we came home last night from Easter dinner with the family to find that someone had left THE PERFECT TORCH sitting by our back door! I am not sure who knew Paul wanted one as bad as I did or even found one anywhere this weekend, but I have an idea! It wasn't the Easter Bunny, but he was just about as happy!

** So if you need a propane refill for your torch or for your grill go HERE (sort by household!) and print a coupon for $2.00 off a refill!

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