Chick Fil A: Be an insider?!

Chick Fil A

Chick-fil-A will be sending out “exclusive invitations” to all of their “Chick-fil-A insiders” on Friday, May 21st. The email states they’re “giving our insiders the first opportunity to take advantage of an exclusive premiere tasting“. Let's cross our fingers for either a free sampling event or FREE COUPONS!!!

Either way, can’t hurt to sign up for their email newsletter -

which then makes you an “insider“. Thanks Thrifty Mom!


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Michele said...

So, when your new one opened up, did you and your family camp out all night to be part of the first 100 customers? You know they receive coupons for a free Meal once a week for a year, right?? Yes....52 free Meals!!! (not just sandwiches)

When ours opened, we were number 125, we camped out anyway, and they gave us a few coupons (our 12 week old daughter camped out with us:-). Then, at the one year anniversary, they did it again, and we were number 8 and 9...so, we had a ton of Chick-fil-a that year!