Coupon Class Disaster!

In true Ivanovsky fashion, my coupon class last night was pretty much a disaster!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all who came and braved the bizarre conditions! I have to say I had a lot of fun, but that is because I am used to things falling apart most of the time! Just kidding :)

First, I underestimated the number of people coming, so I had to go make more copies.

Second, A strange man came wandering into the church looking for gas money.

Third, After the strange guy left I went to go lock the front door, only to not be able to find my KEYS! After looking fro 10min. I gave up and called a friend to come lock the door. I restarted the class and 2 seconds later picked up my binder and my KEYS FELL OUT!! AUGH!

Fourth, A seriously ginormous COCKROACH ran across the floor and terrorized us for almost 45 min! I would have smashed it but I can't stand that popping sound they make when you squash them! For those of you NOT in Texas, you can't possibly understand! :)

Wow, all I have to say is that I appreciate you all hanging in there with me, and having a sense of humor! A HUGE thank you to all the wives that brought their husbands, that was a sweet thing for them to come with you. Another HUGE thank you to the husband (I can't remember your name!) who walked through the building with me to make sure the strange guy was gone! That was really thoughtful!

Finally, I have to thank Jessica S. for inviting her friends and bringing such awesome food as usual! You Rock!



Jenan said...

I had a awsome night. 1)It was great to even get out of the house with out the kids. 2) husband having to put kids to bed 3)great entertainment and 4) great food all in one. Priceless!!!!!! Thanks for the class it really help me with the cvs and walgreens for sure. Now to get everything out of my zip lock bag and into a binder. Thanks again.

npframer said...

I had a great time!! Thanks for sharing all your savings tips!