CVS: My double dipping trip!

On Saturday evenings at my CVS it is possible to do the previous and next weeks sales at one time. Double dipping. Many times I wait, taking a chance that things will be gone, but so that I can go at one time and hit 2 different weeks deals. I started with $13 in ECB's from last week and had a few CVS coupons that I wanted to use, like a $5 off $40 and both little swimmers and Huggies CVS coupons.

Total Spent: $10.61
TotalValue: $96.44

Transaction #1
1 Blade Razor $6.99
Total: $7.43
Got back $7 ECB

Transaction #2
2 Right Guard Deodorants $2.99 each
1 Hydro Razor $8.99
$3 off any 2 Right Guard Deodorants (coupons.com)
$5 off Hydro Razor (from last weeks SS insert)
$7 ECB from previous purchase
TOTAL: $.08 cents!
Got back $4 ECB for Right Guard and $4 for Razor ECB's

Transaction #3
5 Bags of Huggies Diapers $8.49 each
CVS $5 off a $40 purchase
CVS $1 off Huggies printable
5 $3 off Huggies diapers ( from Coupons.com)
$4 ECB, $4ECB, $7.99ECB
TOTAL: $1.55!!
Got back $2 ECB for Huggies

Transaction #4
1 Little Swimmers $8.99 (wasn't on sale but I had to have them!)
1 $1.50 Little Swimmers coupon (coupons.com)
$2 CVS coupon ( printed when I scanned my card today)
$4 ECB from previous purchase
TOTAL: $1.58

Transaction #5
2 Sunday Papers $2 each
$4 ECB from previous purchase
TOTAL: $0.0

I did make 5 transactions when I was in the store, for each one if there was another person in line, I went to the back of the line. It does take a little more time to make many transactions but well worth it!


FightOnLara said...

I had dreams of taking a picture of all the stuff I got for so little OOP. But alas, my CVS was out of some of the stuff I wrote on a list to buy. So I spent almost 15 minutes in store just trying to reconfigure to make sure I didn't have to spend a lot OOP, and only did 2 transactions. Still a decent outcome but this ECB business takes a while to figure out.

P.S. I won't even mention the time I spent at home with my calculator trying to figure out which scenarios would be best for coupon and ECB use.

Electra said...

I wonder if my CVS starts sales the night before as well. I was disappointed when I went to CVS right after church today and all the razors were already gone! I should check on that.