A Day in the Life of a 2 year old!

This is a little video that I put together of funny moments

It was very random that I caught any of it!
At the end of this video she actually fell asleep on my
husbands shoulders!

Moments like there are priceless,
My husband caught me posting this tonight and
watched it twice through.
He sighed and said
"what happened to our little baby,
she is a girl now!'
It makes me really want to capture these moments even more!

Juice Box jungle want to get the word out that Canon has released the PowerShot SX210 IS, which combines the ability to take great photos & also shoot high definition video. Canon and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post, and talk about what shooting video means to my family.


Tracy said...


A Musing Mother said...

My mouth hurts from smiling so hard.

Margie said...

Some of my favorite pictures and videos are of my husband and our little one. It really melts the heart to see the man you married love and transform into a "daddy."

My little one is out of the "baby" stage...I love each and every step/stage, but I miss the wonder and awe of the baby stage. Guess it's time to have another?! :)

Joy said...

The video of her with the water was too cute. Great job.
She's precious!

♥ Joy