Gluten Free Food Storage?

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With almost 7 children I have been very lucky to not run into any food allergies with any of my children. Actually, no one in my immediate family has any either. So when my brother married his sweet wife we didn't quite know what to do with her: ) Bregelle can not have any gluten. It has really been an interesting learning experience for me to learn just how many people this affects and that there is pretty much ( it seems!) gluten in EVERYTHING!

So how do you shop and have a food storage when you are dealing with food allergies?

This is a comment that Bregelle left a few weeks ago on a post that I did:

You are getting me very interested in Shelf Reliance. I would be interested in what of their food products are gluten-free. Most people feel that food storage is a nightmare, but image if you have to figure it out for gluten-free eaters. I have tried talking to other food storage companies and they aren't very helpful. If you did a post about gluten-free food products, I bet you would have a ton of grateful readers. Thanks for all of the couponing tips.

It got me thinking how difficult it must be to plan for allergies, and even other situations such as diabetes.

The only experience that I have is with Shelf Reliance food, so that is what I have to go with, I am sure that their are many other companies out there that also have gluten free food storage items, I am just not familiar with them.

There are a few things to remember when storing food for a GF (Gluten Free) diet.

First, it's very, very important to store Xanthan gum and/or guar gum. These are ingredients in any GF bread recipe (including "breads" like pancakes). It makes the GF flours (rice flour, corn flour, etc.) hold together. I know of no GF recipe that doesn't call for them. Next, you have to remember that eggs are even more important in GF baking than regular baking. They're the other part of the equation of holding the grains together into a bread product. So it's critical to store dried eggs.

Because GF grains make a very heavy, dry product unless combined with surprisingly large quantities of starch, you must store starches. Corn starch is easy to buy by the case. You can also store potato starch and tapioca starch. The various starches behave differently, and different ones are called for depending on what you're making. You could get by with just corn starch if you had to.

The thing that stands out to me the most is that you have to prepare. If you had to start cooking this way overnight you would probably not have much luck. It is going to take some experimenting to see how much and what kinds of extra products you will need to be storing. Also, many regular products and brands have come out with gluten free mixes and products, these are a great way to have a short term food storage and with coupons you can get many of these at a reasonable price.

Shelf Reliance has over 70 items that are Gluten Free, MSG Free and GMO Free. To take a closer look click on the pictures below.

What helpful suggestions do you have for those that have a food allergy and want to have a food storage?



Cassidy said...

Gluten Free! Thats us! I was interested in the food storage but didnt look too close because like you said, gluten is in everything!

Mountain Birdie said...

As one of your loving sisters. I do have food allergies. No peanuts or shell-fish. Which is easy to work around, with food stroage.

123 checkoutourfamily said...

i've been surprised at the amount of people with food allergies and was actually thinking about how food storage could be "tricky". I appreciate this post. I still have a lot to learn but I'd like to be informed to help others that may not know where to start.

RM said...

I just found out (before christmas) that i have celiac...it's a HUGE deal to change a diet to gluten free, thanks for this post. FYI you can usually use almond flours and not have to add " all the extra gums, flours and starches". but you do have to store the almond flour in a cool place for pro-longed food storage (like a deep freeze).

sol said...

Seeing is believing!Came across a fabulous website www.GlutenFreepalace.com WOW! What a variety of products .Iloved their sugar cocoa cones they were awesome

sashahoagland said...

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Sasha H
Tucson, AZ