Guess what this is?

I am soooo tempted to play a game with you every week.

"Guess what this is?"

I find the most random things in my kids rooms, backpacks, lunch boxes and under the seat in the suburban that it makes for some good guessing....

Anyone want to guess what this is?
Pretty much what it looks like.

An Egg. But not ANY egg. A 3 month old duck egg that my eco-loving, greenpeace daughter found and brought home in hopes that we could "save" it. I tried to tell her it was already dead, it had been abandoned by the mama for a few days and didn't make it.

She didn't believe me.

So we looked up on the internet what to do and got the necessary supplies, held it up to the light, and marked where the yolk was. The plan was to see if the yolk was growing every day. It wasn't. Did I mention the egg had to be turned every 4 hours and kept at the proper temperature?

So after a week she finally conceded that it had died, we all cried and had a funeral. I explained how bad gotten eggs smelled and asked her to give it to her Dad so he could "bury" it.

Fast forward 2 months!

I found the above egg in my daughters room in the bowl in a corner! Could you imagine what it would have smelled like if it had gotten broken????!!!!!!

I am sure I am the meanest Mother in the entire world, but NO, you can't keep a rotten duck egg. End of story.



M and W said...

Lol! I love your kids! Happy birthday!

Tracy said...


AZsunshine90 said...

Hey, I just found a quail egg (cracked) that was at least 2 weeks old on my daughter's dresser!! I would pass by her dresser and wonder at the faint NASTY smell. I started going through the various boxes and hiding places.....it wasn't pleasant!!

Lafingkids said...

We live on a farm and one time there was a nest of bad eggs that needed to be gotten rid of. So I sent a couple of kids out to throw them over the fence (they like to watch them explode). Instead they decided to have a rotten egg fight. Unfortunately my youngest son got the brunt of it and his mean Mom wouldn't let him in the house until he showered with the hose.

.:Anna:. said...

Well, now that's confirmed dead I suppose the heating lamp could go back to Grandma.

... who refused to allow it to stay at HER house.

andrea said...

Lafingkids---that is too funny!!