HEB updated coupon policy.

Unfortunately, HEB is not super coupon friendly, if they ever jumped on the band wagon with Kroger there would be no competition, I would only ever shop at my HEB Market.

But, they do not combine coupons and they do not double or triple.

At my last coupon class one of the ladies pointed out to me that when you see the yellow hanging tags at HEB, a few of them have an "S" in the corner, meaning store coupon. You can actually combine a manufacturers coupons with these!! I had no idea, I though all their hanging coupons were manufacturers coupons! There are not many that have this, still 95% of the yellow coupons are manufacturers.

HEB emailed me their updates coupon policy yesterday:

Here are the details below, and you can find the full details here:

H-E-B accepts the following types of coupons:

  • Manufacturer issued coupons obtained from printed publications (newspaper, FSI, magazines, etc)
  • HEB Issued coupons
    • Manufacturer-sponsored coupons (Type M coupon; has an ‘M’ in bottom left corner)
    • Store-sponsored coupons (Type S Coupon; has an ‘S’ in the bottom left corner)
    • Big Savings coupons (Type B coupons; has a ‘B’ in the bottom left corner)
    • The above mentioned H-E-B issued coupons are typically
      • Available at store level and typically yellow in color
      • Generated by a coupon printer at the register and provided with customer receipt
      • Distributed via direct mail to customer households or other printed publications
  • Printable coupons with a bar code (i.e. Online or Internet coupons)


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