How to cut your coupons!

Also, this is something that I teach at my coupon classes but I wanted to make sure that you know. On the Sunday inserts, when you look at that little narrow spine, you can see where the date is printed, VERY NARROW! This is so helpful when you get behind on cutting and you are trying to find a coupon. Just look at the date on the spine and you know exactly what date and paper they came out of!

I like to lay them all out and just get it over with as soon as I get them. If I wait, it never gets done, or I have to kill myself later in the week trying to find a spot and time to do it in.

I can't wait until the kids are older and I can trust them to cut and file these for me!
Insert evil laugh... muuhaaa! That might just be the best day of my life!


Hillori said...

Thank you SO MUCH for telling me about the date on there! I get behind on cutting my coupons all the time, and I have looked and looked for a date on them, and had never found it. You just made my life easier! I suppose that I could have written it on there, but lately, I'm just happy if I get them out of kids reach before they are destroyed!

mitzi said...

Where do you get all your newspapers from? Do you buy them all?

Tiffany said...

Yes, I was getting them at the $1 store, but now I have a subscription to the Houston chronicle for $1 per paper every Sunday. i get 6 papers a week. So $6 a week.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the info.!

beorganizedsavemoney said...

Your coupon organizer looks a lot like mine! People stop me all the time in the store asking about it. I put little tabs on the edges so I can flip to a certain product if I see it on sale or in the discount bin. I only get one paper a week, but I'm trying to find a good deal to sign up for more.



Electra said...

You are so much more organized than me! =D I go the whole-insert binder method, because I could never stay up to date in my clipping. I am lucky that there are sites like yours and other coupon bloggers to tell me where the deals are, because I would hardly ever find anything on my own.

Saving Cents Mommy said...

I just wanted to tell you that I watched that video not too long ago and it completely changed the way I do things. I WAS clipping each set on its own. I know, CRAZY! Thanks!