Hurry and Print $10 off Scrubbing Bubbles!

WOW! This is a really high dollar value coupons, and it's for real! Go HERE and print a coupon for $10/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner starter Kit! Regular price at Target is $12.99. I am not sure about Wal-Mart (anyone know?) It prints with a 30 day expiration date there might be time to pair it with and amazing deal!

AND… Now you can go HERE and print a B1G1 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Refilltoo!



Electra said...

I got one of these and was super-disappointed. It leaks and doesn't actually do much of anything for the shower. Even if it's free, it's not worth anything.

Tiffany said...


That is really good to know! I have been wanting to pick one up, maybe I won't!

Hillori said...

I have one in each of my three bathrooms, and have for over three years now. I have loved mine. Mine has not leaked as long as the top part is attached down all the way, and if my shower is clean when I install it, it does a decent job of keeping clean the lower 2/3 of my shower, but I still have to clean the top. It is still less work for me to do, and with this coupon, definitely worth it for me, as I am very very busy.

jlhphotomom said...

I have never printed this coupon before yet it continues to tell me that I have reached my limit..I'm really bummed now, I so wanted one! Oh well. Thanks for the tip.

Tiffany said...

photomom, Try a different browser like firefox, sometimes it will work that way!

Oh Dear,
I guess if they are this cheap i should still get one and give it a try! Thank you for all the reviews!

Katie said...

I am super excited about this. My mom and sister use it and as far as I know love it. I haven't heard any complaints from them. Maybe Electra got a lemon.