Know who lives in your area.

Sorry for the personal post here, but I want to make sure you keep your families safe.

Every few months my husband checks the Texas Sex Offenders Registry to see who lives in our area. This site allows you to put in your zip code and shows you everyone within a radius that you choose, who is a registered sex offender, assuming that they have registered as they are required to do by law.

The house across the street from us has been owned for the past 22 years by the same family. They recently moved and it was bought by an "investor", renovated and rented out. We don't have many renters in our area, most of our neighborhood is older people who have lived here a long time.

We were stunned to find out that the man who rented it was a registered sex offender. He served 3 years in the Huntsville prison for raping an 8 year old little girl. He had been out of jail for a few years and according to the registry site was fully discharged. Meaning, he was NOT on parole. This man could have opened a day care in his home if he wanted to, no one could have stopped him.

My husband and I were unbelievably upset. Having many small children this completely changed our lives. I will not go into detail but we had to change the way we did so many of the things that were part of our lives. I felt like I was being held hostage in my own home. I worried about it all the time. Three weeks ago I went to the Montgomery county sex offenders meeting to see what rights I had. Surprisingly, it seemed that HE had more than I did. At one point our own local Sheriff cautioned us at the meeting, "not to embarrass" the sex offenders. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This man raped a child and we are told to not embarrass him?

We along with other neighbors, did the only thing that we could. Knock on doors and make sure all the neighbors knew he was there. That was it. All I was able to do.

This Mother's Day I got the best present I could have asked for. In about 2 hours they packed and moved out of the house! Our 3 months of torture was over! I apologize to their new neighbors somewhere in Harris county, but I am soooo glad he is gone.

CHECK YOUR REGISTRY! I believe that almost every state has one and sex offenders are required to register. Don't be naive and think that you couldn't possibly have any in your area. You might be shocked, like many of our friends who I pushed to check were. They were stunned at the number within a 2 mile radius of their home.



Emily Heizer Photography said...

There is actually a NATIONAL sex offender registry we can all use!


I'm sorry you had to go through all that... but man, considering the size and ages of your children... I am very grateful the man is gone!

Hillori said...

My brother-in-law did not use it before purchasing his house, has 4 little girls, and the next door neighbor of the house he bought is a house of a convicted pedophile that had done serious time in prison. He has to deal with it every day, and worries and stresses. Always, always check and now who is around you!

Sara said...

I check regularly too! BTW we are in Richmond, TX not too far from you! :) Did you know you can now sign up for "subscriptions" with the Texas Sex Offender Search? I recently did this and now I get emails everytime there is a change (meaning one moves into or out of the the zip code). Very convenient! Just thought I would share!

Camille said...

I'm so glad you posted this.. About 3 weeks ago, a guy on our street "hugged" another child. This man had been asking the kids to "come look at this" or "I have a game" type stuff.. Well, after the child was "hugged", the mom called the cops and legally, this man did nothing wrong.. He had been offering favors to the mom as well.. Anyway, she told us and we made sure all the people on the street knew who he was and what he did. He's not registered, but he seems dangerous. I"m so glad we told people because this weekend, my neighbor (young female) was checking her mail at the end of the street (near his house) and he tried to approach her and talk to her.. She said she gave him the "evil eye" and he walked away.. you can never be too careful!!

oliv2b said...

I'm so glad he is gone Tiffany. It makes me furious that those people are convicted felons, yet we have to be careful not to "hurt their feelings". Give me a break, they made their choices and now they have to live with them. You did the right thing going door to door and I'm so glad the ordeal is over.

Kristin said...

Wow. You should be glad you don't live in my neighborhood. Looks like it's time to mind your own business. Disgusted. I'll find another deal blog to read for Houston.

Tiffany said...

Kristin, you are right, you should find another blog. It is far more important for me to protect my family and for my readers to protect theirs. If you are offended by that than you need to be reading somewhere else. Good luck to you in all that you do.

TucksMommy said...

Kristin do you really find defending children disgusting? The only thing more disgusting than a child rapist living, is them living next to YOUR kids. Maybe you should mind YOUR business rather than spend time defending child molesters over innocent kids.

Megan said...

I'm glad he doesn't live near you anymore! Good for you for making your neighbors aware, I would have done the same thing.