Recall info, how to get a replcement...

Thanks to Sylvia for this follow up email reguarding the OTC Children's recall.

It looks like you are going to have to fill out a form HERE. They are going to call you to verify the information. If yu have more than 6 products recalled you will need to fill out an additional form. They are offering a "coupon" for another product in the future. So, a free product?? I wonder!

Although it is a hassle, make sure to take the time to get at least a replacement!


Brandette L said...

I just submitted mine online for the 2 bottles of Tylenol Infant Drops we have. It was very easy to submit, I requested a refund.

Sheri said...

Wow, this is not the first time they have recalled their medicine. This is making me scared to even use their products. You said the generic brands are not included right? Maybe I should just use those from now on. I do have one of the recalled products and have given my 2 year old some of it.

I called the # 888-222-6036 and after a long message it said to press 9 to get a person. I got someone immediately I gave them my info and requested a refund and they said that I should get a check in 2-3 weeks.

Thanks for posting this!

Therese said...

I just got my check today. So what a surprise when I opened up the envelope and there it was.....a check for $30! Wow! I only had 3 bottles that were on the recall list so to get back $30 I was in shock. Thanks Tiffany for keeping us up on the current happenings out there.