Target: Free Paper Towels!

Did you get the Target coupon in this past weeks RP insert? If you did it means free paper towels at Target! Photo Credit For the Mommas!

This is one of the reasons that I like to buy many papers, I have 6 copies so that means 6 free rolls of paper towels! This is how I stock up.

There are no size restrictions on the coupon.



Rachel Bickford said...

YES! I did this today and it went thru with no beeps! The coupon auto adjusts down to 99c so it works perfectly!

Amber said...

They wouldn't let me do this. They said they have a new system and they can't force the coupons anymore. If the product does not equal the coupon it won't take it :(

Tiffany said...

In their corporate coupon policy, Target says that they will price adjust a coupon! I wonder if your checker didn't know or was too lazy to do it?

Susan said...

I guess I am being clueless here but what is an RP. I can't seem to find the coupon....Thanks.

Tiffany said...

The RP is the Red Plum insert that comes in the Sunday Paper. It says it on the front. The other insert is usually the Smart Source.
On the spine of the insert they print the date very small if you still have yours you can look for the date that way.
Good Question!

Tiffany said...

Susan, Sorry I forgot to say the 5/16 RP means that it was in the May 16th Sunday Red Plum insert.