Walgreens: My Trip! $3.53 Total!

Well, I am embarrassed to say that I went to Walgreens today after I swore I wasn't going this week. The lure of free soft scrub was too good :)

This is what I did:

Transaction #1:
EOS shaving cream $2.99
Total: $3.11
Got back $3 RR

Transaction #2
6 Soft Scrubs at $4.19 (they are b1g1 free this week!)
2 Reach Dental Floss $.99
2 Reach coupons for $1/1 floss
2 B1G1 Free Soft Scrub coupons (found in the post below)
1 $1/1 Soft Scrub Coupon (found in the post below!)
1 $3 RR from previous purchase.
Total: $.54 !



Jessipie12 said...

I have signed up twice for the soft Scrub BOGO using both my emails and have not received anything in my inbox.Did I do something wrong???

Tiffany said...

I am not sure!! Mine came in right away!! Did they go to your spam folder??
Try logging in on their site and do it that way, the coupons weren't in the email anyway.... they were under membership benefits!

Anonymous said...

My email went to the spam folder but luckily I saw it so check there.

What a great deal, thanks for sharing!

The Wilde Family said...

I could not print the coupon after joining under several different e-mails. Each time I tried to print the coupon I would receive a message that I had reached the maximum number of coupons when I was not able to print one! Any suggestions?

jlhphotomom said...

Ok, I did EVERYTHING you said...did the fist transaction..great. Did the 2nd transaction and he wouldn't take my $3 from the first transaction. MY total was $3.83. He said that it was all taxes and that I couldn't use the coupon for taxes. I think it was him just not liking I was getting agreat deal. I still have my $3 ECB to use later though...THANKS!!!

Tiffany said...

He is an idiot, honestly. That is why i hate some cashiers, they make stuff up all the time. You did nothing wrong and should have been able to use the RR on the second transaction.

All taxes, can he not do math? Sorry, it is irritating!

Suzanne said...

If you go to special offers you don't have to sign up for the newsletter and get the coupons. That's how I got mine!