WINNER: Diaper Bag, 3rd Try!

O.K. we have another winner... I am trying for the last time!

It wasn't that no one wanted it, they never left a contact email address, I tried to find them through their profile but there wasn't any info there either. I also posted it here and I guess they never saw it... So hopefully Shani will answer her email and I can send this daring bag out to her! Thank you all for entering again. I hope you have a wonderful and safe Holiday weekend!

The Wilde Family:
"This bag is adorable and I will surely let you send it to me! PICK ME! :) With baby number 3 on the way I am looking for a fun new bag...and with having all boys, I need something girly for me! :) This bag is perfect. Anyway...for the holiday weekend we are camping out in our house because all of our stuff will be in the moving truck!"

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Lucy Stern said...

You were awesome..... Thanks again for coming... I wish I could have been in the class, and I will come for the class coming in June... I learned something for those few seconds that I was standing at the door....lol