CVS: Check your email for survey's!

I just took a survey that I got in my mail box from CVS, at the end I was given $15 in ECB's!!! It took me all of 5min to do it!

I got one last week for $10, so update your email address at CVS.com and check your inboxes! That is a lot of cheap diapers right now made even cheaper by $15 in ECB'S!



Colleen said...

I did that same survey last week and "bought" a large cooler totally for free with my 15 ECBs! Love it!!
I think you do have to be on the CVS advisory committee though to get the surveys; I don't believe they email them to everyone. but I could be wrong.

Simonne said...

Tiffany, I have a CVS email issue that you might be able to help me solve. I have NEVER in two years of being subscribed to the CVS email sendouts received anything other than weekly emails offering sales for online purchases only. I've never received surveys OR and $ off $$ coupon offers either. Any thoughts on this?!?