CVS: My trip this weekend.

I went really quick just to make sure that I got the size diapers that I needed, so I really didn't do a "big" trip. I also thought I didn't have any ECB's left from last week. It was a nice surprise when I opened my binder and found some!

Also, the cashier tried to tell me that they were not going to accept anymore internet printable coupons.... um yea, I don't think so. So after a 30min. conversation with the manager, it came down to he was just mad that they had gotten 2 fakes in the past week and decided himself that he wasn't going to take anymore. Right there in the store we had a "coupon lesson" on how to spot a fake. He had no idea. I should him everything I had and he had his cashiers take a look. What is up lately with everyone making up their own rules?

This is what I did:

Transaction #1
2 Colgate Toothpaste $2.99
Used: 2 $1 off Colgate coupons
Used: $3 ECB
Total: $.98
Got Back: $4 ECB

Transaction #2
1 Huggies Box $19.99
Used: 1 $3 Huggies printable
Used: $4 ECB from Previous purchase
Used: $4 ECB from last week
Total: $8.99
Got Back: $10 ECB!
A HUGE thanks to Amber for these pictures of the make-up clearance that is going on right now! I am sick that I have not cut out my coupons from last week and didn't have ANY make-up coupons because there are some HUGE deals right now.

The Physicians Formula is all 75% off if you are looking for any lip items. There are so many brands marked down to 75% - 50% off! Don't forget to take a look and use your coupons on the marked down items to get some of them almost free or free!

Thanks again Amber!



Scott & Natalie sherwood said...

How were you able to do the Huggies box deal tody when the deal doesn't start until tomorrow?

Tiffany said...

natalie, my store is a 24 hour and they start the nest weeks deals the night before. So for a few hours on saturday you can double dip on both deals.

Lipe Family said...

Is there a 24 hour store in The Woodlands or are you up in Conroe? I need to start doing this, if you're close!

Deb said...

Thank you for being so patient and willing to give an on-the-spot lesson. :) I hope that soon I'll be comfortable enough with my coupon knowledge that I'll be able to do the same if I'm faced with a similar situation. Right now I just get frustrated. :P So thank you! :)

Tiffany said...

There are a few 24 hr. in our area,

Store # 5896 2106 RAYFORD ROAD
SPRING, TX 77386
Phone: 281-298-4530

3850 FM 2920 ROAD
SPRING, TX 77388

SPRING, TX 77388

Tiffany said...

Deb, no problem!, I think I answered your question on the post below...

Katie said...

Can you give me a lesson on how to tell cashiers/management on how to spot fakes? I usually go to a particular Walgreens because the cashier that is usually there is really nice. But lately she is so stressed about excepting coupons and losing her job, that it takes me about 30 minutes to check out, this last time I had to ask her to call the manager because she didn't understand how to take a few coupons and the way she wanted to was wrong, so the manager came down and understood what I was trying to say, but after he left she was STILL stressed about losing her job over my coupons!!! I left there deciding that I was going to have to go to a different Walgreens for a while, the stress on her and me was not fair to either one of us! I think it is a shame how these stores act over coupons! And how they "scare" their cashiers into being petrified in taking them! Thanks for all you do. I know you are busy with your family, so thanks for taking time out to help us "couponers" out! :)

Tiffany said...


That is a great idea. I will do a post on Monday with pictures so check back then!

Julia said...

Awesome! I was just going to ask the same thing about spotting fake coupons! I had no idea about the double dipping either! I'll have to start doing that as well!

Suzanne said...

Box of diapers $19.99
-$5 off $15 cvs (5.00)
-$3.00 huggies (3.00)
-$10 ecbs (10.00)
Total OOP $1.99
Plus ecbs of $10.00 back for diaper transaction. Basically free diapers!

Katie said...

Thanks Tiffany...I look forward to it! Again, I can't thank you enough for all the effort you put in to help us out!


FightOnLara said...

Can you use as many ECBs as you want on one item? I thought we had to have as many items as we do for Q's and ECBs/Register Rewards?


Tiffany said...

You can use as many ECBs on an item as you want. ECB's are store coupons.

Register Rewards (RR) at Walgreens are manufacturers coupons so that is when you have to have the same number as items.

FightOnLara said...

That just made my CVS trips a whole lot easier! :o)

Beth said...

Quick question: The Huggies coupon says on "Huggies Little Movers or Little Snugglers Diaper"..will the coupon work on the box of "Snug and Dry"?

Tiffany said...

It did work for it... I didn't even pay attention!

Beth said...

Hhmm..I'm gonna have to try it.