Does Target make you feel this way?!

My friend Patti sent me an email last night, and although you don't hear their voice in an email, I could hear the frustration in the words!

She had been to Target:

"Well, I just left my local Target in Texas. While I was there the young man who checked me out said I better enjoy stacking coupons (he let me do it one last time) because they just came out of a meeting and the cashiers were informed that they would no longer be stacking coupons effective immediately.

I asked him if it was possible he just misunderstood and he said no. He said you can't use a target coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item anymore.

I do hope he is wrong."

Now, being the weekend, I am waiting till Monday to call Target corporate and ask myself. But, having experience this particular Target and the other one (worse) closer to me I am going to make a few comments....

It is completely possible that they have changed their corporate policy. If they have, then obviously that changes shopping at Target. I probably won't be bothering anymore. The thing is they have told me things just like this at both Targets in the past. Last year, they had a meeting with all the area managers and store managers in Houston and decided they were not going to be taking any internet printable coupons anymore regardless of the corporate policy. They can't do this. Corporate has to maintain a consistency with their stores. If you are a Mom and Pop store you can decide from day to day what you want to do, but not when you are as big as Target.

So I went home and called corporate who said, "nothing has changed we take internet printables." I went back to the store and called corporate while I was there and asked them to talk to the manager in front of me and tell her the same thing. They did, the manager was furious with me, still wouldn't let me use any IP coupons and so I left and came back a day or two later and Lo and Behold, they were taking IP coupons again!

I am going to take a guess that this store has taken it upon themselves to decide to change the rules. Hopefully they have and with enough calls to corporate they will realize that they have to stick with policy. If not and they have hanged policy, Patti and I are going to sit and cry together!



alicia said...

What crap that is. Good for you for standing up to those rookies. And love the pic. I actually feel like that whenever I hit Wal-Mart. lol

Heather said...

I just wanted to chime in and say how much Target really is starting to irritate me. I have been going to the Magnolia Target for a few months now, and they cause me SO many headaches. I ran in just this week and EVERY single coupon I used beeped - so I needed to pull out EVERY single item to prove I bought it. RIDICULOUS. The cashier was so rude, and she decided which coupons she would accept and which she wouldn't. I walked out of there FURIOUS!! It almost isn't worth the frustation anymore.


Sheri said...

I would have paid good money to see that managers face. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Amen...I have the tissues ready!!