It's Blueberry Season!

Finally! Blueberry season is here!

My kids have been eating me out of house and home having me buy blueberries at the store, they are pricey!

When we go picking typically we get up early and leave as the sun is coming up so that we stay out of the heat of the day.

Maybe, it is because the baby is sucking the brain out of my head or maybe because I was just unorganized this morning but we didn't even head out the door until 10:30am. It was already 93 degrees! Then of course, someone had left the back of the Yukon open last night and it wouldn't start! Plus, I park all the way at the front of my driveway so I had to put it in neutral and PUSH the truck back down the driveway so I could get another vehicle next to it to jump it...

I was ready to walk back inside and tell the kids to watch T.V. all day :)

My sister Anna came with me and brought the kids that she nannies, plus my oldest 2 had friends over so I figured as long as I had some slave labor I would have some berries to freeze!
How cute are they?!

We have been going to this farm for about 16 years. It is our favorite!

The berries are the best you can find, they have 2 different kinds, the small ones that have the most flavor and the bigger ones that are SUPER juicy!

Since it was so HOT and I had to be back earlier than I would have liked, we only had about 45 min. to pick. Between all of us, we got about 25lbs.

They need to weigh the kids as they come in and when they go out...

This little guy had NONE in his bucket when we left, although I personally put in about 3 cups worth.

I have no idea what happened to them! :)

The first trip of the year I usually don't have any to freeze, the kids will probably eat them all today and my husband will finish them off tonight! Have you ever changed the diaper of a 2 year old who had eaten 3 lbs of blueberries? Interesting. Very interesting.

When I do go and freeze them I flash freeze them. Do not wash them first or they will become a mushy mess. Place them on a cookie sheet with sides and freeze them for about an hour, then dump them in ziplock bags and they will not stick together and you can scoop them out.

If you are in the Houston area and want to go to the best blueberry farm there is, here are the directions.

Pioneer Blueberry Farm:
Take 1-45 north almost to Conroe, exit loop 336 south and go right or east at the light. Take 336 east until you come to 105. There is a gas station and McDonalds at the corner. Take a right and go east. At this point set your odometer! Take 105 east for 8.6 miles. You will be looking for a little street sign that says Pioneer Lane. Turn left on Pioneer Lane. Ed Harger's blueberry farm is about 1.2 miles down on the right side. He is open sunrise to sunset every day. Blueberries are $1.75 a pound this year, he uses no pesticides.


Michele said...

You know, these kinds of posts make me sad. I live in SW Florida, and we don't have any u-pick of any kind near by. I think the closest is almost 2 hours away! I so wish my children had the opportunity to pick strawberries or Something!!!!

Anyway....it looked like a blast! I'm just jealous:-)

Anonymous said...

my husband was complaining last night about the price of blueberry's at the store...i just printed the directions and we will be going saturday...tiffany, if you need more let me know and i will pick them up for you...or we can tote some of the kids along with us...give you a little r & r for a few hours.

Tiffany said...

I am sorry! I hear about stuff up north and hate that we dont get the varieties that they do!

Patti! We might see you out here! You are so sweet thanks for the offer! Go early before it is HOT, bring lots of water.
When you get there go all the way to the middle and towards the back, the front has been picked over!

Mom2Boys said...

How fun! We live in Spring and we go every year. I havent tried this place, I will have to check it out! We usually go to moorhead's blueberry farm, from your directions it isnt to far from there!

Thanks for posting this!


Tiffany said...


It is just a little past Moorehead, about 15-20 min more. The reason why I like it better is they have always kept their bushes small so my little kids are able to pick all day with no problem. I found at Mooorehead that my little ones could not reach many of the trees. I was doing all the picking.
THe Hargers who own the property are getting older, Ed Harger's health is really bad and he is not doing well at all. I noticed this year that they have not taken care of it like they used to. The blueberries were just as good as ever, but it looks a little overgrown. I think it would be a good family service project to help them out one weekend...

Tiffany said...


Also, I meant to say instead of getting off at 242 to go to 1314 to Moorhead just keep going north on 45 to the first 336 exit. Follow the directions from there so not much further north.

Jen said...

Funny! I am heading to my parents farm tomorrow morning to pick blueberries and huckleberries. We are definitely having huckleberry pie tomorrow night.

Mom2Boys said...

Great I will check them out then! My kids love going and if it is easier for them then it is easier for me lol


M and W said...

I love those pictures! Super cute!!!

.:Anna:. said...

$1.75 was totally a steal of a deal... she wanted all 5.6 pounds! Now I gotta get some from you ;)