Killer Deals on Crocs!

I took a quick screen shot to show you all the coupon codes I was able to use today at Crocs.com! I got free 2 day shipping when I bought my husband a pair of sandals for Father's Day, plus I used 2 different other codes on the sandals themselves! Thanks BuckTownBargains!

Plus I went through Shopathome, so I am getting another 7% cash back!

Today only, you can use code CROCS4SUMMER to get an additional 20% off ALL items...This code can also be stacked withSTACK15 for an additional 15% off on top of that...Wait, it gets better - If you order through today, you can receive FREE 2- Day Express Shipping ($15.00 value) with the purchase of any men's style using code DAD2DAY (means that your order will be here in time for Father's Day) This also works in the outlet, so you can really get some great deals as low as $6.50 shipped!

CODE Original Price Coupon Price Shoe
SCUTES1499 29.99 14.99 Unisex- Scute
MARYJANE1499 24.99 14.99 Womens- Mary Jane
GMARYJANE999 19.99 9.99 Girls- Mary Jane
MELBOURNE1999 39.99 19.99 Unisex- Melbourne Flip
OLIVIA1499 29.99 14.99 Womens- Olivia
MALINDI1499 29.99 14.99 Womens- Malindi
GABBY999 24.99 9.99 Girls- Gabby
PREPAIR1499 34.99 14.99 Unisex- Entire Prepair Collection-
SCCLOG1999 44.99 19.99 Mens- Santa Cruz Clog
LADY1499 29.99 14.99 Womens- Lady
CLEO1499 29.99 14.99 Womens- Cleo
RELIEF1499 39.99 14.99 Unisex- Relief
WAVE999 19.99 9.99 Kids Unisex- Wave
PRIMA999 24.99 9.99 Womens- Prima



Tiffany said...

I should also add I got the kids a bunch of shoes also!

Kirsty said...

Thanks for posting this, Tiffany!! My husband has been crying about the Crocs he wore out, so a few new pairs for him will be a wonderful surprise for Father's Day!

Catherine said...

i cant get the 20% off to work for me. :(

Tiffany said...

I just tried it again and it worked for me. We have to figure out why it is giving you trouble....

Are you spelling it correctly? What does it say when you try to add it?

Catherine said...

maybe my math is off. i'm trying to order 2 pairs of prepair crocs.

i tried using PREPAIR1499 to get the $14.99 price.

i used STACK15 to get $4.50 off.

i used DAD2DAY to get the free shipping.

i tried to use CROCS4SUMMER and it says it is applied, but i don't think it is. your image shows "Thank You For Your Loyalty" below the code and that will appear on mine only after i remove the PREPAIR1499 code and then it does give me 20% off. i think it just won't allow me to use the 20% off code and the prepair code.

btw, congrats!! i just read that you're expecting. are you going to change your blog to, My Litter of Seven??

Tiffany said...

What if you type in the CROCS$SUMMER first? Then add the PREPAIR code? I added the summer one first then added the rest, I used the wave code also and it let me do both.
Is it giving you the 14.99 price on the prepair? It should let you use both....
I am going to go try and add what you are! BRB!

Catherine said...

yep, i tried adding the codes in different orders but it didn't work. i have a pair of men's prepair slide and women's prepair flip. i think my total should be $20.40, but it is showing $25.48.

Tiffany said...


I can't get it lower than $25.48, so $12.74 a pair. It looks like it will take the Prepair1499 and the STACK15 with the DAD2DAY but NOT the Crocs4summer....

Dang. I am not sure what to tell you! Not a bad price though anyway, did you use shopathome for the extra 7% cash back.

Thanks about the baby, no I think I am just going to keep it as is for now!

Catherine said...

i just got another 20% off code in an email and i have the same problem. it won't let me use the prepair code AND the 20% off code. :(

Tiffany said...

Haha I didn't see your post, we are getting the same thing!

Catherine said...

since i have the another 20% off code, i think i'll give it another try tomorrow. i'll still order them, cause $12.74 is still a steal. thank you so much for trying to help me on your end. you're a sweetheart!

oh and i read your post about great wolf lodge. we went to the one at wisconsin dells last summer and we LOVED it. my 6 year old still talks about it all the time and the magiquest was his favorite part of the trip too! it hurt me to pay so much for the wand, but i looked at it like an investment because he'll use it for future visits. we got a discount thru my hubby's work, so it was a fairly reasonable vacation for us and we'll definitely be returning.